Fresh New Color Trends for Interior Walls

At times, we all need to repaint the interior walls of our home to give each room a fresh and clean look. White or beige are safe colors and go with most styles of décor, but they’re also lackluster in appearance.

Consider bolder choices for each room or even simply for an accent wall to grab attention and make your walls stand out from the ordinary. This post covers a few color trends for interior walls you may want to try out.

Interior Color Trends

violet bedroom wall

Violet — Various shades of this color, recently chosen by Olympic and Glidden as their color of the year, make a lovely addition to a home. You can go dark or light with this paint color.

A light violet looks bright and airy in a bathroom, laundry room, or children’s room. Darker versions look good on an accent wall in an office or game room.

Taupe — This color, which combines gray and brown, is a recent Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year and a favorite with both men and women. Taupe is a medium shade that works great in an entryway, a master bedroom, formal dining room or anywhere that you want a more sophisticated look.

Try taupe paint on the walls in your eat-in kitchen to elevate the room’s style.

Shadow — A mix of gray and plum, this shade was chosen recently by Benjamin Moore as the color of the year. This paint has become a popular way to add a dramatic touch to any space.

Darker than most paint colors, you’ll usually want to match this hue with light trim and furnishings. Try it in a bedroom on the wall behind the headboard, and then decorate the rest of the room in cream colors.

Shadow-colored paint also works well in a media room to create a comfortable ambiance, perfect for enjoying movies. Use it on the wall behind your television for the best result.

One of the easiest ways to update the rooms in your home is with paint. Don’t fear bold color choices or out-of-the-ordinary combinations.

From accent walls to a total room makeover, new paint can transform any room and make it appear fresh and in style again. If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom walls, consider these exciting color trends for interior walls.

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